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If NASA had the US Military budget

What would happen if NASA got the US military budget? This guy explains it all.

USA spends over 600 billion dollars on their military each year. At the same time, NASA only receives about 10 billion. What would happen if we were to flip this around?

In the video above you get a good impression about what reality could be like if they switched their budgets.

Biggest in the world

The American military budget is the biggest in the world, by far. The next biggest spender on military budgets is China. They spend 190 billion dollars a year on their military forces. Thats only 1/3 of what America uses.

The US Military actually owns 6400 attack helicopters. In the entire world, there exists only 8400 of them in total.

If NASA had the US Military budget 1

One of the biggest prides of the US Military are their aircraft carriers. Of these, they have 10. The rest of the world, also has 10, but they are smaller.

If NASA had the US Military budget 2

And then we get to the tanks. China has 500 of their best tanks. Americas best tanks are the abrams, of these, the united states have 8700.

If NASA had the US Military budget 3

So what if we put all this money into space exploration at NASA instead?

The well known Apollo program at NASA had a total cost of 136 billion dollars. Thats nearly 1/5 of the military yearly budget.

All of this money could be well invested into both satellites, probes and telescopes far better than those we have access to at the moment. Not only that, but with the budget of the US Military, they could have sent all these resources into orbit in only 1-2 years, instead of the 10-20 years that they used to put them there.

Space stations could also exist today, even bigger than the ISS. The ISS costed 100 billion dollers spent over several years. With the budget of 600 billion, we could have a bigger and better space station with a rotating wheel, which would give the astronauts artificial gravity. We could have lunar stations which could be used to refuel space crafts and as a stopping station between earth and mars.

If you are intrigued by this, you should watch the video in the top of the article.

Lets hope that some time in the future, we see a change in our priorities.