University nearly killed students with caffeine

University nearly killed students with caffeine

North east students received doses of caffeine equivalent of nearly 300 cups of coffee by mistake.

The Northumbria university in UK nearly killed two students when they gave them caffeine at the dosage equivalent of nearly 300 cups of coffee.

That dosage is about twice what is said to be fatal for the human body. Both the men who were 20 year old, participated in this study as a part of their sports science degree.

They suffered from immediate and violent side effects due to the massive doses of caffeine. The side effects included dizziness, shaking, blurry vision and rapid heart beats.

The accident happened due to a mathematical mistake, leading them to take 100 times the doses they actually were going to take for the experiment.

Life threatening situation

They both had to spend several days in the hospital after the accident, where they were kept for observations. A doctor from the hospital confirmed that both the students were in a potentially life threatening situation.

The doses they should have ingested was around 320mg of caffeine, while what they actually ingested was 15.3 grams and 16.4 grams.

Both students have now returned to their studies, but they both suffered months of side effects after the miscalculations. We’re sure they will double check before they do the same next time.