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Watch an explosion at 20,000 frames per second

The youtube channel SmarterEveryDay gives us this amazing footage of an explosion inside a clear container at 20,000 frames per second.

As stated on wikipedia, explosions are rapid increase in volume and release of energy in an extreme manner. Like we see in this video where they fill a highly flammable substance inside a transparent container, and ignite it, there is a massive release of energy.

There are multiple sorts of explosions

Explosions can happen in multiple ways, and are found throughout nature and the universe. Here are some of the most known naturally explained explosions.

Watch an explosion at 20,000 frames per second


Natural explosions normally occurs due to volcanic eruptions which are caused by magma building up pressure until it reaches such a level of press that it is released in a extreme manner. The magma has so much gas in it that when it erupts through the surface, this again causes a reduction of pressure causing the gas to bubble out of solution, resulting in a rapid increase in volume.

Watch an explosion at 20,000 frames per second 1


Among the largest known explosions in universe we find the supernova. Supernovas are the result of a star blowing up, from the sudden start and stopping of nuclear fusion and gamma ray bursts, releasing all of its energy.

Watch an explosion at 20,000 frames per second 2


The most common artificial explosions are created by chemical solutions by man. They normally work by involving a rapid and violent oxidation reaction that causes large amounts of hot gas to be released. Gunpowder is one of the first of these artificial solutions to be created by human kind.