More than 1000 asteroids are dangerously close to earth

The american society, NASA have reported that there are approximately 1000 asteroids inbound, or close to earth.

NASA, which operates the biggest space programs on earth have reported that there are more than 1000 asteroids in close proximity to earth, and they are now begging for help to find solutions to save us when the time comes.

Along with the several hundred asteroids that are already orbiting dangerously close, scientists fear that several new ones will be discovered in the years to come.

Deep core drilling

NASA have initiated a mission to land the first-ever robotic vehicle on a nearby asteroid and remove some of its mass and redirect it into a stable orbit around the moon.

Further on, they will study the velocity, orbit, size and spin of the asteroid to get a better understanding of them and the impact they will have on us, and how to avoid it.

Killer asteroid heading towards earth

A chinese astronomer by the name Zhao Haibin warned us that a massive asteroid with the force of over 3 million nuclear bombs might be headed straight towards us. The asteroid was detected using chinas largest telescope, located in Nanjing.

Due to the misleading information that were given about the asteroid hitting earth on september of 2016, NASA quickly released a counter message, stating that it would not hit the earth for at least the next hundred or so years.

If the asteroid were to hit earth, it would lead to an extinction level event, which would end life as we know it today.

Scientists are closely monitoring the asteroid, known as 2009ES.