Climate engineering, science fiction or reality?

Is it possible that there are people controlling the climate in the world without our knowledge of it?

Is the current global heating an actual threat to humanity, is it man made, and most of all, is it made on purpose and what can we do to stop it. These are topics that have been brought up in multiple world leader meetings the last years. The term «Geoengineering» commonly refers to climate engineering or climate intervention. This is the deliberate and large scale intervention in our climatic system. The aim of this is to limit adverse climate change, or is it?

planes leaving “condense trails”, although some say they are releasing gasses out in the atmosphere deliberately!

So what is it exactly?

The term climate engineering is further divided into to types of measures: Carbon dioxide (CO2) removal and solar radiation management. The removal of CO2 addresses the cause of climate change by removing one of the greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

While solar radiation management attempts to offset the effects greenhouse gases by causing the Earth to absorb less solar radiation. The National Academy of Sciences conducted a 21-month project to study the potential impacts, benefits, and costs of the two different types of climate engineering.

The researchers came to the conclusion that Climate intervention s no substitute for reductions in CO2 emissions and adaptation efforts aimed at reducing the negative consequences of climate change.

Strange weather phenomenons

In the light of the discoveries on the topic there have been reports throughout the world of strange weather phenomenon, peculiar cloud formations, eery sounds, and other climatic related occurrences. This is where the topic gets interesting. There are sources that claim to have been working on these technologies, but for another reason than the official reports.

They claim to have witnessed the development of weapons using geoengineering as a destructive force. Controlling the weather is a probably more effective than nuclear arms. There are many channels where we can  find different views on the topic, but we will not be able to find out how this research and technology will be used.

Stay alert and watch the skies!

Some say that planes play a part in the geoengineering by releasing gass out in the atmosphere, blocking the solar radiation.


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