Top 5 cutest animals! 2

Top 5 cutest animals!

22. January 2017

Usually when you think of cute animals the first ones to pop up in your mind are probably kittens, puppies and baby ducklings. However, there are loads of babyfaced animals out there and we are going to show you which ones we picked out to be the cutest. Here is a list of the top 5 cutest animals!

Why can’t I smell my own bad breath?

Why can’t I smell my own bad breath?

18. January 2017

Halitosis, or bad breath, can be the result of mainly three things. Bad dental hygiene, health problems or some types of foods you eat.

A broken heart could actually kill you 1

A broken heart could actually kill you

18. January 2017

There is actually a legitimate syndrome called broken heart syndrome that often is brought on by stressful situations like you experience when heart broken,

Do you like vanilla? Well then you might like beaver anal glands, or more correctly, you might already have eaten them! 2

Do you like the ‘new car smell’? Beaver butt is your solution

13. January 2017

Castoreum is the discharge from the castor gland of American and European beavers. The yellowish secretion is combined with urine to mark the beaver’s territory. The castor gland is located in two cavities under the skin between the base of the tail and the pelvis, and is a type of scent gland.

The ugliest sea creatures known to man

10. January 2017

Have you ever wondered what hides beneath the ocean´s surface, in the deep, cold and most remote areas on earth? Here comes a list of the top 3 ugliest creatures found in the deep.

The 5 strongest materials on earth

10. January 2017

Geology: The strongest material that occurs naturally is literally made by shooting stars. Check out our top five list below.

The Prince Rupert’s drops

10. January 2017

Also known as Dutch tears, these magnificent drops are incredibly strong, up to a certain point.

Giant water lily pads can carry more than 300Kg!

8. January 2017

According to an experiment done by the head gardener of the botanical garden at Ghent, the maximum weight a giant lily pad was able to withhold on a single leaf was 344.73 kilograms